How To Make A Woman Go Crazy For You In Bed


Unlike men, most woman take a very long time before they have an orgasm. It is therefore very important that men know how to please their women to avoid there women not having an orgasm. An orgasm can be so intense that a woman will scream in ecstasy whenever she has one. If you are not able to give your woman/girl an orgasm to make her go crazy in bed then read on to discover the secrets on how to do it.
The first thing you must know is that there are two main types of orgasm that a woman can have. They are the clitoral orgasm and the vaginal orgasm. For her to have the clitoral, you would have to stimulate her clitoris while you would have to stimulate the G-spot for her to have a vaginal.

To make your woman climax fast you really need to get her aroused. You need to do some foreplay to get her vagina hot an lubricated. To do this you can kiss her allover her body and use your tongue to play with her sensitive areas such as her ear lobes, her neck and her nipples.

Once she is fully aroused, you can use you fingers to play with her clitoris to give her a clitoral orgasm. You will need to stimulate the clitoris gently by going in circular motions and paying close attention to her body movements and the sounds she makes. Whatever makes her feel good continue to do it.

To give her a vaginal orgasm, you can also use your fingers. Insert your fingers into her vagina and locate the G-spot about 1-2 inches on the upper walls of the vagina. It will feel a little like the top inner part of your mouth. Once you find it use your fingers to make a “come here” motion sturdy but gently.

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