How To Stimulate Her G-spot


One of the reasons why relationships between lovers go awry is sexual incompatibility or the lack of knowledge of men on how to stimulate her G-Spot. As a man, it’s very important that you know exactly how to drive your girl crazy in bed because this will make her stay with you for as long as you want.

One of the ways to make her scream out loud in bed is to find and stimulate her gspot. The g-spot is an area in a woman’s vagina that when properly stimulated, can lead to intense sexual pleasure. The g-spot may vary from woman to woman but generally, it can be located about 2 inches inside the vagina and along the top portion. When you touch it, it feels like a soft bump similar to the curve in your upper palate near your front teeth.

You need to wet your finger before inserting it to your girl’s vagina to avoid unsavory friction. Upon finding the g-spot, press it gently but firmly and massage the outer walls of the vagina. Then, as if enticing someone to follow, curve your fingers and move them towards you. Massaging the g-spot this way can bring intense sensation to your lover.

While doing this repeatedly, don’t hesitate to ask your partner how she feels about it and whether you should move your fingers a bit. You may also use your tongue to stimulate her G-Spot, doing the same motion. Alternating between your fingers and tongue can be highly pleasurable and will help your girl reach orgasm by and by.

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