Sexual Positions For Ultimate G Spot Stimulation


Throughout the years, studies have shown that American’s typically have sex in very few positions. This also helps explain the high divorce rate here in the United States. Right about 50% of marriages, end up in divorce. A major cause of this is due to dissatisfaction in the sex life of marriage. It is directly attributed to not having a variety in the bedroom as in sex positions. Fortunately for you, this article was written sexual positions that are best positions to hit the G spot.

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If you are not into mixing things up and just like “traditional” sex such as missionary style and don’t change positions in during intercourse, then just don’t read this page. However, if you are interested in spicing up your sex life and want your partner to beg you for sex, then this article is for you and you’d be a fool to not read this article.

I am going to assume that you already know where the G spot is on your partner. If you don’t, subscribe to the rss. We will, in a couple of days, post an article on how to find your partner’s G spot. Alright, now that we have that clear, we are assuming you know where your partner’s G spot is at, how to find it easily and how your partner likes to stimulate it.

Now the fun stuff, the G spot positions! First step to know is that the G spot/area is small and not always in the same place. So be sure to have good communication with your sex partner. Don’t be afraid to ask if you don’t know. Your partner wants to be satisfied and will definitely let you know where their G spot is at. Make sure to remember what makes them feel good and if it’s a little to the left or right. All those details ;)

When you start to explore the G spot positions, it is best if both of you agree to not have orgasms. Reason being is that we find that this makes it easy to be exploratory and to play around. Without further distractions, here are our favorite G spot positions!

Cowboy Style (with the woman on top)

Not only is it sexy to have a woman riding you, but it also gives her the responsibility of finding what feels best. It is ideal as it allows her to control the intensity, depth and speed of sex. It leaves your hands free to play around with her breasts, lips, skin, etc. You can explorer so much more and you will find out how much more pleasure comes from subtle differences.

As you are on top of him, be sure to experiment around to see what feels best. Don’t hesitate to stop and think of a new way to ride him. Move around and tell your partner what feels best for you. Is it rocking back and forth, taking it deep or shallow. Do you prefer riding perfectly straight up, a little leaned forward or even to the side. Find out what feels best and let your partner know this. This position works best if you are already around and yearning for sexual satisfaction. Not only for this position but for all G spot positions.

As for the guy, as you are just laying there kicking back, touch touch touch!!! Touching sets off so many nerves. During sex, your female partner is easily stimulated with simple touching. SO get your hands out there and caress her skin, touch her breasts, slide your hands up and down her legs and thighs. Reach out there boy! Also, very important, tilt your pelvis as much as possible. This will allow your partner better penetration and well, you will be very happy if you do this.

Ladies, doing this position will also get you a great workout! : )

orgasm-sex-wedgeA downside to this position is that you will get tired quite quickly. Something I recommend for this position is to use a wedge. A wedge, is what’s pictured here ;) This shape puts your pelvis in the correct tilted position without you having to do any additional work. Think of it as a tool from the sex tool box. You must have a wedge in your bedroom as it is also very handy for the next G spot position.

Doggy Style (Crouching, Man Penetrating from Behind)

This position is really great for G spot stimulation. It gives you perfect access to the G Spot and simply having sex doggy style is so sexy and raw!

In this position, either of you can do the work. However, I recommend you let her do all the work. After all, you are after G spot stimulation. You can let her use her thighs to go back and forth and take the depth she wants to take. She can take it easy or go buck wild and thrust it. Ladies, do the work and take it how you want to take it. This will show him how you like it and he will learn how to doggy style you when he does the work next time.

Guys, if you want to be more active, get a little aggressive and push your woman down and lay more on top of her still penetrating her from behind.

For the best G spot stimulation, guys, put your legs outside of hers and put your weight forward so you ride her from up higher than from directly behind. This will cause your penis to be angled downward and of course, will help you hit her G spot more directly. You can try it different ways like opening up her legs more or closing them up more. Whatever feels best for you and whatever she responds best to.

As mentioned earlier, we’ve used the wedge here. If you put it under your woman, it will tilt her hips in a particular way that will make things a lot more interesting for both of you. Alright, now that we have this position down, let us go on to the next one.

Your Highness (Man Kneeling or Standing, Woman’s Legs on His Shoulders)

With many G spot positions, you can’t really see your partner’s facial expressions. We recommend this position as it allows you direct view of your partner’s face and you will definitely know that you’re hitting the G spot by looking at the facial expressions she makes. A secret, when you really want to hit the G spot, having her legs high in the air and wide open is the secret here. Sometimes, putting your feet on your male partner’s shoulder will be the most comfortable position and it’s super duper sexy. Alright, on to the details!

You can do this position in many ways. You can do it on a chair, coffee table, sofa, anywhere, if you don’t tell, we wont ;) You can also do it from your bed by kneeling instead of standing. The key is that your female partner is angled upward with her legs spread wide open and on your shoulders. You can achieve this position in a variety of ways, get creative! Try it in different areas of the house, or public. Disclaimer: We’re not responsible if get caught having sex in public and busted for it. The sense of getting caught brings so much adrenaline and sexual stimulation so try it some time. But remember our disclaimer!

Those are 3 really great sexual positions to hit the G spot. Try them out and let us know what you experienced and how it helped you. If you need more help on getting your woman an orgasm. I highly recommend this eBook. It is filled with great information on how to make her have an orgasm. A woman that has an orgasm each time she has sex with you is less likely to cheat. Simply because she will not have a reason to cheat on you. You will always keep her satisfied and you will give your multiple orgasms during sex. Give this eBook a try and read it. It is called Sexpertzone’s Female Orgasm Guide. If you are not satisfied, it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. But trust me, after you buy it, you will be certain that is was worth every penny. Click the image below to check out the eBook which I call, The Orgasm Bible:



2 Responses to “Sexual Positions For Ultimate G Spot Stimulation”
  1. Jean says:

    Thanks for posting these positions. I am going to try them out with my husband tonight. Some of these I’ve done, but I have not tried them in different poses per say. Let’s see what happens tonight!

  2. Jack Marshall says:

    I bought the book last night and I recommend it to anyone. It is interesting to read and the instructions are ridiculously easy. Check it out guys.

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