Trying Different Sex Positions!


When it comes to love making and sexual intercourse, no matter when and how you do it, it always has the same concept, which is to put the penis into a vagina and move it in and out until one partner gets an orgasm.

So how couples make their love making more interesting? Many couples like to mix up their sexual routines not by changing what they are doing but how they are doing it. In short, they change their sexual positions.

sex-pos3When trying out different positions in love making, you will be able to create the excitement and passion that are necessary for a steamy sex with your lover. Sometimes when couples are together for some time, they tend to stick to the same old boring positions again and again.

Do not be embarrassed to ask your partner to try out new sexual positions and techniques with you. Your partner will most likely be happy to try new things out with you if you just initiate it.

Therefore, it is very important for couples to always seek out new positions during love making so as to bring the passion back to the bedroom. Some of the sexual positions will be more stimulating for women, whereby some other positions will be more stimulating for men.

By constantly trying out different positions in love making, it will definitely bring you more exciting times with your partner in the future. If you need more love making positions, you can read up Kama Sutra, which consists of detailed illustrations of the different positions that you can try out with your partner.

We were asked if we could review an ebook for the visitors of the site we said yes. We purchased an ebook that claimed to have 200 sexual positions and we have personally reviewed it and it does contains 200 sexual positions that you and your partner can try out. They are tastefully illustrated so you don’t have to cringe at looking at someone’s hairy butt. Don’t let the name of the eBook fool you, it is well written and the illustrations are indeed very tasteful. Give it a try. We promise that you and your partner will be very pleased in trying out these various sexual positions. Please have a look by visiting this page: Tastefully Illustrated Sexual Positions


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  1. jeffrey says:

    I was just curious if there were some different sex positions out there. I’m just looking for something a little more interesting

  2. Janice Thomas says:

    I would like to thank you for having such a nice looking website and for having great articles. I purchased the ebook you recommend called 500 lovemaking tip and secrets and I must say, it is a great ebook. I am not done reading it but it is definately a good ebook to read. Thanks for making this website. I would gladly donate for its upkeep but I don’t see a donation button. Please email me whenever you post more articles!

  3. admin says:

    We just wanted to let you know that we found a nice guide that has 200 sexual positions. Check it out here:

  4. Swiss says:

    Great article and Great book! Thanks!

  5. mitty says:

    I want to learn how to reach to the apex on sex life wiz my boy. and I hope I found the right place. ooh.. specially to see naked couples makin’ …

  6. Ally Cook says:

    Wow, that ebook has many positions! I can’t wait to try them with my hubby tonight!

  7. Deborah says:

    Do you have a review copy of the ebook?

  8. Ryan says:

    I don’t have a review copy but I have the real copy. I bought it as well and my review of it is A+. It is real detailed and some good positions. Just buy it and forget about a review copy.

  9. shy shy! says:

    You guys have confinced me, I am buying it tomorrow with my boyfriend

  10. Oscith says:

    Great report, thanks for the link!

  11. Tyler Higgins says:

    WOW!!!! Real good articles!

  12. Marylin says:

    Great stuff, sexy!

  13. Smootly says:

    Really great tips!

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