How To Mend A Teenage Daughters Broken Heart – 5 Proven Tips To Follow


Teenagers find it more painful when their heart is broken, especially girls. But what would parents do if their teenage daughter has a broken heart? Often times, parents leave their daughter alone, thinking that she needs some space, which is wrong. Hence, here are some things you must know and do to help mend your daughter’s broken heart.

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Tips to Mend Your Teenage Daughter’s Broken Heart

1. Educate her about her priorities in life. Though you perfectly understand what she feels, make her see life in a realistic way and help her understand the future of having a relationship at her age.

2. Tell her that what she feels is infatuation as she still can’t tell the difference between love and infatuation. Hence, help her mature and explain that it is not sensible to waste her days brooding in her room.

3. Help her socialize. You can throw a party for her friends to force her to socialize. This is a great distraction as she may lock herself in her room. As her parent, do not allow heartbreak defeat your daughter. She needs to be strong so as she can overcome her emotional pain. Hence, lend her support and strength.

4. Encourage her not to think of the agony she feels. Explain to her that being obsessed with the agony of heartbreak will only intensify her misery further. Help her to put her mind on the activities she loves to do. Commonly, teenagers are fond of outdoor activities like sports. If she loves sports, encourage her to join a sports club nearby. Engaging in sports is a great distraction and she can also excel further in the sports she loves. Aside from sports, there are also several other activities she can engage in to keep her busy. These activities may include gardening, photography, singing and dancing. You can also accompany her for bird watching, trekking or countryside exploring, which are proved to be therapeutic.

5. Encourage your daughter to have a daily routine. This step does not mean monitoring her activities. Suggesting that she follows a daily routine will leave her little time being alone brooding over her broken heart. You can also encourage her to come with you on your morning walks. This way, she will compose herself and sleep on time as she needs to wake up early every morning. Hence, she will have no more time for brooding and crying over her broken heart every night.

As the parent of a teenager with a broken heart, you are the best person to help and guide your child. Besides, following these tips will definitely mend the broken heart of your daughter, putting her agonizing experience in the past.

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