This article is written for the guys. Sorry girls! This article will show you guys how to be a better lover to your loved one. Guys often get a bad reputation in the bedroom and you know how rumors get started, “he said that she said” and so on. The good news is that you don’t have to go down this route.

Some guys never learn how to have sex properly. Most are the “go get it” type of guys which just go and get it and satisfy themselves and forget their girl is involved in the sex as well and has needs to be met. I will show you what those needs are and how to meet them.

Always be attentive!
Guy are often insensitive, or at least perceived to be insensitive. This might not always be true buy guys are indeed less sensitive than women. Pay close attention to your partner’s feelings, wants and then perform on them!

Spoil Your Partner
Want to be good in bed? Spoil them! Spoil them every way possible. This means that spoil them in giving them lots of attention, spoil them in bed, around the house, everywhere! Buy them cute gifts and leave personal, touching notes around for them to read. If you think this is just for newly weds, it is not! All couples new or old should do this.

Get Touchy!
Touch your partner. Caress them, it makes you feel good and definitely makes your partner feel good as well. Touching them is very seductive and very arousing. So use your hands and start touching! Go for a warm oil massage. Don’t make it a quickie 5 minute massage. Take your time and exploit her sensory system by touching her all over slowly and smoothly. You will totally enjoy the payoff from this!

Last A Bit Longer!
If you are used to having sex and climaxing and ending in 10 minutes. Try doubling it. You don’t have to go work like a jackhammer until your are done. Have sex, enjoy it, take breaks, touch and caress and continue on. Make the love session last longer. Be intimate for longer periods of time. You will enjoy it and most certainly your partner as well.

Make sure to kiss before and after making love. Make it full kisses not just pecks. Make them kisses that scream, “I Love You!” Yes, you might be tired after having sex, but don’t let that tired feeling over take you. Going to sleep is the worst thing you can do. Stay awake and continue the love making session with kissing, touching and talking.

There is a lot more you can do to be a better partner. I am going to post more sexy steamy tips in a few days so definitely sign up in the RSS field at the top of the site and you will get an email letting you know when a new post is made. You will definitely want to read part 2.